Sunday, September 23, 2007

Find Day For Any Date...

Dear Friends Its a new Small Html page created by me to find out which day you have born or to find out on which day The given date falls...!!!!!

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Find Day For Any Date...


Isabgol (flea seed husk) taken with some hot liquid like tea or even water before going to bed is quite helpful.

Haldi (turmeric) boiled in milk along with figs also helps in relieving constipation.

If there is discomfort in the stomach the immediate remedy is to quickly boil some a/wain (organo), zeera (cumin) in water, acid a little kala narnak (rock salt) and a few drops of lemon.

Isabgol taken with yoghurt is good for loose motions. A banana. (not very ripe) also helps.

To keep bowel movement smooth and to avoid a constipated stomach eat plenty of fibre found in green leafy vegetables, popcorn, porndge etc.

There are some food items which are worth more than their weight in gold. For instance garlic — very useful for lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol, acidity; also acts as a blood purifier. Amla (Indian gooseberry) contains the highest amount of Vitamin C and can be taken raw or in juice form or made into chutney during season or as a morraba (sweet pickle) out of season. Karela (bitter gourd) also contributes in keeping a check on blood sugar. Papita (papaya) is yet another fruit with sterling qualities; it helps to reduce cholesterol level and if taken daily keeps the stomach in top working condition. For lowering blood sugar nothing to beat jamun (Indian blackberry). The fruit may be eaten during season and the seeds can be dried and powdered together with Methi (Fenugreek) seeds and a tea-spoon of the mixture should be taken with water before going to bed.As for beauty aids, you can make a moisturizer at home by mixing equal volumes of glycerine, rose water and lemon juice. Keep in a bottle and apply on face, arms and legs to keep the skin soft and smooth.For an effective face pack, mix sandalwood paste with a pinch of turmeric powder and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on face for 15- 20 minutes and wash with water. Please note that sandal paste should be freshly made at home.

Easy daily skin care.
hi friends,

it doesnt matter if u have a dry, normal or oily skin... this is something that everyone should do to keep their skin healthy and glowing. even if ur a boy. one should take care of ones skin.

few good home made cleansers,toners and moisturisers

take 1 loaded tsp of basan, (besan is known as Gram flour in english...)

1 pinch of haldi,
1 tsp of milk powder,
1 tsp of honey.
mix them all together and add plain water or rose water. keep in the fridge to cool it as if u apply it after that it will give u a smooth skin too. apply is all over ur face and neck too. wait for 20-25 mins. let it dry completely and then when u wash it off u will find really clean and glowing skin.

Ayurveda The Science Of Life!!!!

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The Ayurveda Encyclopedia: Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention & Longevity Author: Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha pages: 686 pages Publisher: Sat Yuga Press ISBN: 0965804224 Average Customer Review: Based on 3 review(s). Format: PDF Size: 27 MB